Aquatics Program

The Middlesex Aquatics program includes  Swim, Dive and Water Polo Teams, as well as lessons for children as young as 3.5 years

Swim Team

​The Middlesex Swim team proudly takes part in Division 1 dual meets, the highest division in the Fairfield County Swim League.  The goal of our swim team is to foster team spirit and encourage individual progress. Daily practice and five league meets provide swimmers with the opportunity to develop skills and a sense of pride, coupled with life lessons in the importance of team work and the ability to win and lose with grace and dignity.  The Swim Team also participates in several Darien Swim League events that are social and fun, such as the Darien Relays and Championships.  These events are usually coupled with barbeques and are a chance for swimmers from all five Darien clubs to get together in a light and fun atmosphere.  Our youngest team members take part in daily pre-team practices and “white meets.”  White meets are less competitive than dual meets and provide fun opportunities for these swimmers to engage in starts, finishes and timed races.  Swimmers must be 5 years old and must be able to swim one length of the pool freestyle and have some backstroke skills.  These are group lessons designed to prepare swimmers for participating in competition.   All four strokes will be worked on, as well as starts and finishes.


Swim Team Sign-ups

Dive Team

The Middlesex Dive team practices daily and also takes part in Division 1 dual meets, the highest division in the Fairfield County Swim League.  Our experienced coaching staff can develop diving skills in all levels of divers, from beginning to advanced.  While our dive team participates in five dual meets, Middlesex divers also have the opportunity to dive in the Darien Dive Championships which includes divers from all five Darien swim clubs. Middlesex also offers a pre-team diving experience for new and young divers who want to learn how to dive, without competing.  These practices are run by weekly sign-ups and run Monday-Thursday.


Dive Team Sign-ups

Waterpolo Team

Middlesex Water Polo teams practice daily and take part in Division 2 matches.  There are three levels of water polo teams that are based on age: Minis (10/under), Juniors (11-14) and Seniors (15 and over).  Our goal is for each player to develop teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, a love for the game, and confidence in themselves. All levels are welcome and encouraged to try this fun co-ed sport!

Swim Lessons

Middlesex swim lessons are divided into four groups based on skill level and level of competition. All groups will meet 4 days a week for 30 minutes


Guppy (Beginner):

This level is designed for new and beginner swimmers, teaching paddle and kicking skills, as well as front and back float with assistance


Dolphin (Advanced):

This level is for swimmers who can swim the width of the pool without stopping, are comfortable in water, and can float w/o assistance.  Rhythmic breathing will be introduced, as well as beginning freestyle technique and streamline push off


9/Over Fitness

This level is for swimmers age 9/over who can successfully complete 25 meters of freestyle and backstroke.  Children will continue to build endurance while being introduced to proper technique of backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly


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